This technology produces high quality composite wood materials by incorporating the use of novel adhesives into the manufacturing processes. This innovation improves wood adhesive composition for various wood composite products, including: oriented strand board (OSB), particleboard, and fiberboard. Our technology is specific for both PF (Phenol formaldehyde) and PMDI (polymeric diphenyl methane diisocyanat) resin.  The result is a low cost, lighter wood panel board that can be competitively marketed alongside high quality products, currently sold at a higher price.


  • Composite wood products include Oriented Strand Board (OSB), Particle Board, Fiber Board (MDF) and so on. These are made by combining wood chips together into a structural strong board that can withstand strengths greater than or equal to traditional wood sheets.
  • The wood for these products is held together using an adhesive resin (binder) material and wax combination, with some potential filler materials. The adhesive resin provides the bonding strength while the wax keeps moisture away. Therefore, if the adhesive resin can be strengthened, the board can become stronger.



  • Recent improvements in the performance and production quality of our technology allows us to economically and sustainably penetrate the marketplace.  In essence, our patented technology expands the adhesion surfaces, making the resin much stronger compared to traditional substances.
  • By increasing the resin strength, our patented technology allows less wood or less resin to be used within the process to obtain the same codified strength requirements for the boards. Additional research suggests that moisture content and swelling is reduced as well.