Felisa Chan

Felisa Chan is a passionate researcher with 25+ years work experience. She has strong theoretical understanding and research skills in wood science, bio-based resins and composites, fiber modification, and application of nanoparticles in resin and composites. She has worked in the development of lignin-, tannin- and pyrolysis oil- based wood adhesives for exterior application. She has worked at the Wood Science and Technology Centre, University of New Brunswick (UNB), Canada where she was involved in wood adhesives certification and standards development. She conducted R&D work for wood and related industries. Felisa is a member of the Canadian Standards Association, Sub-Committee in Wood Adhesives and the Forest Products Society. She finished her PhD in Chemical Engineering from Monash University, Victoria, Australia and her Masters in Forestry (Wood Science) from the University of the Philippines at Los Baños in Laguna, Philippines. She finished her undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Mindanao in Philippines. Felisa has worked with the Department of Chemical Engineering, Université Laval in Quebec, Canada and at the Philippine’s Forest Products Research and Development Institute. Felisa co-supervises graduate students and teaches a course in Wood Technology at UNB.